Developer Sprint

Want to start contributing to FOSS, but don't know how to start?

We bring to you the MEC.conf DevSprint, a unique 14 hour overnight event to get you started, contributing to FOSS!

What is the format all about?

FOSS Communities are formed of enthusiasts making the future with code and at times tangible hardware and data. The future is free and open, so we bring to you the platform to get started and become part of a larger cause!

Which are the participating organisations?

You can contribute to any open source organisation, but mentors from Mozilla, FOSSASIA, and Zulip will be present to help you with each step for contributing to these organisations. If that is too daunting, we also have a collection of open source projects that could use some help!

How can I participate?

First, register for the conference and make sure to attend! But just being an attendee is not enough, you need to register with us by RSVPing to an email we will send out soon. You can then get to the conference and pay a small refundable amount to the organisers who will allot a seat in the devsprint and get your food and other neccesities in check. The fee maybe only refunded if you attend the event.

Is this a competition?

A devsprint is a learning opportunity where you get to contribute to FOSS. So yes, this is a competition where everyone is a winner! ♥

Do you think your project lives up to the hype, come and help beginners join your community by registering your project now!

MEC.conf Team

Event Coordinators

Akhil Seshan

+91 7558047349

P Gautham Dileep
IETE SF MEC Chairman

+91 9495054762

Kurian Benoy
FOSSMEC Chairman

+91 9400125402

Community Relations

Devdutt Shenoi

+91 8714832195